Work Life Balance

How outsourcing email management can benefit your work life balance

I’m sure you’ve experienced the dreaded feeling of opening your email inbox after a holiday or days of travelling with hundreds of emails waiting for you. You have to scroll through them all to see which ones are important, which ones can be dealt with at a later stage and which ones are spam. This can be extremely time consuming and frustrating when there is so much else to catch-up with and increases your workload and stress level. However, have you thought to take these simple 7 steps to make this task easier and more efficient;

  • Set-up ‘Out-of-Office’ Reply with exact dates of absence and who to contact for urgent enquiries
  • Set-up an email forwarding address for urgent message to be dealt with in your absence
  • Create filters to redirect emails into subfolders (e.g. for specific client or project).
  • Set-up labels to your emails which work similar to filters
  • Colour-code labels to attribute a certain colour to a client or project to organise them
  • Block certain email addresses of spam or promotions
  • Add a preview pane to your inbox to be able to see the message instantly.

This is a task you could ideally outsource to give you peace of mind that urgent emails are dealt with in your absence and your inbox will be much easier and tidier to go through on your return.

If you need help with any of the above or have questions please contact me at

I would love to hear your thoughts or experience on how you deal with your email inbox.

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